Electrical Services & Supplies

Our vision is to empower the future through continuous renewal of our applied technology.
We strive to achieve this by using the most innovative and sustainable electrical solutions. Our goal is to introduce, proven environmentally friendly technology currently used in Asia and Europe, to the Caribbean and South America. Implementing this technology will enable full use of our current and natural resources.

IT & Web Solutions

We provide a wide range of IT solutions to our clients guaranteeing quality and professional service.
Our professional crew can develop and create functional and user-friendly web solutions that will suit your needs and will distress you from all activities needed to maintain it. We also create unique (online) multi-channel concepts that will increase your sales.


Construction Services

Multi-disciplinary construction and engineering services for residential and commercial solutions
Construction is a multidisciplinary field with different types of expertise. We have dedicated engineers in all these fields guaranteeing professionalism and quality. We will take care of the whole process involving you in every step till completion of the project.

Residential Construction Services

Commercial Construction Services

General Contractor Services

Budgeting, Design & Planning

Sustainable Solutions

Affordable and renewable cost-savings sustainable energy solutions for all type of homes or businesses
Whether you are providing energy for your home or for a large corporation, Solar energy solutions can provide costs savings and many long term benefits for the environment and ourselves. We at Avus-Tech Corporation promise to provide the best certified solar systems based on proven renewable energy technologies from the USA and Europe.
  • Save on you Energy Bill50%
  • Reduce Carbon Output60%
  • Save on Replacement Costs60%

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